We all have to take care of business!

My time is divided between two jobs...one I refer to as my fun job and the other....well, it pays the bills. You get the idea!

My fun job ~ I am a field coordinator for the Abnaki Girl Scout Council in Brewer, Maine, right across the river from where I reside. My position involves recruiting volunteers, training them, and making sure
they carry out the Girl Scout Program so that the girls can have fun, sample a variety of what life has to offer, and become responsible, caring, and productive adults. I also develop and carry out a variety of programs for the girls within my field area, including:

* Swimming

* Career Exploration

* Ski Events

* Roller Skating

* Camping Excursions

* and MORE!

Take a look at what our council has to offer with our brief slide show. I truly believe in this program and encourage all girls and adults that care about our youth to become involved. To find the council nearest you, click here. To better understand the program, its ideals, and the history behind the organization, see the Girl Scouts of the USA website, and read the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

My "reality check" job ~ I also am a customer service representative for MBNA America, a large credit card bank. MBNA is the leading issuer of the Gold Master Card in the world and the leading independent issuer of credit cards in the world.
MBNA does offer above average salaries and a tremendous amout of flexibility and mobility. The growth potential with the company is phenominal and the benefits are hard to beat too. So, for these reasons, I cant complain. I have been with the company for two years now. MBNA's main branch is in Delaware, but there are offices all over the country with 5 locations in Maine.

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