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A very special gift!
My very best cyberfriend, Carol, gave me this! Give one to someone special to YOU!

The Site Fights Spirit Flowers
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The other half of this very cool friendship heart can be found at Carol's site. It's a symbol of the very good friendship that we have developed through chatting and e-mail. Thanks Carol, you're the BEST!!!

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Try this great game!

But watch out, this can be addictive! Just click the letter you want to shift with the blank space, and put the A through O into alphabetical order......it's a cinch!
Shift It 4x4 Game

~ My Newest Treasure ~

This wonderful lady is a very special friend. She has a truly genuine, caring, charm, and is valued by all who've been fortunate enough to come in contact with her. Please visit her site, and experience the warmth that she exudes. Thank you, Dot. It's truly beautiful, as are you!

~ A Very Special Award ~

I'm still relatively new to the homepage building thing, although I've had my WebTV for nearly 2 years, (Wow, how time flies when you're having fun!), so when I started getting some feedback from some talented homepage authors, I welcomed it. I haven't applied for awards yet, as I still feel I have a long way to go, but one morning, in checking my email, I found this adorable award in my mailbox. When I checked out Annie and Mike's site, I KNEW this award was "beary special" indeed! They have a site not to be missed! Tell them Randie sent you!

~ A Special Friend ~

Nelly is a very special person that has become a good friend. I am honored to be a friend to him as well!

~ Way Cool! ~

This comes to me from a lady with a very cool site. Rainbow's World was so visually pleasing, I just had to let Debra, the author, know. When she returned my visit, she left me this. Because I don't apply for awards, it's always nice to see one that was just left for me by someone that paid me a visit. One that comes from someone with as good an eye as Debra's, is especially meaningful. Thank you Debra.

~ All The Way From Holland ~

This cool site has all kinds of good stuff from IQ tests, to Dutch links. Another award from some very talented homepage designers!

~ From another very special friend ~

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Brenda has a beautiful site that you need to experience to understand. She has beautiful, well-designed, pages that everyone can somehow relate to. Be sure to check out her motivation page. Thank you Brenda!

~ A Different Cartoon Daily ~

Just for whenever you need a smile!

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Daily cartoons from Gibbleguts
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(These cartoons are not mine, if anyone finds anything offensive, please let me know.)

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