Friends Unknown
So silently
You've stood beside me
Together we have grown
My friends unknown
You can turn my gray skies blue
There's just no me without you
And you should know
that no matter
where you go
I'm always there for you
And if we never, never ever meet
You'll always know where I stand
I'll never be alone
My friends unknown
For all the love you've shown...
I wanna thank you
My friends unknown.
~ Donna Summer

I do enjoy chatting and meeting all people, but here are some very special friends of mine. Please check out their homepages and sign their guestbooks. Tell them Randie sent you!

Few people have touched me as much as Dan and Carol, my Indiana buds. They are my html tutors as well as my confidants. Although we've never had the pleasure of meeting face to face, (YET!), they have done more for me than one would expect from any nearby, "personal" friend. Make their acquaintance through their great page, check out their cats, (Wow, they even like the Stones ~ an added plus!!), you'll be happy you did!

The same Carol as above has created her own masterpiece! This page has some great stuff! Do you like cats? They're here. Do you like shopping? It's here. Do you like rock 'n roll? She's got it. How about a little humor? Get your laughs too! Her spirit page is a must for all nature lovers.....see what I mean. She's one terrific cyberbud!

Take a walk on the wild side with Kevin, my Virginian friend with an attitude! Kevin is all a friend should be and more. No one is better able to put a smile on my face, and I am a very lucky person to be able to call him my friend. He has a âun page with tons of great jokes, fishing info, and ankles, (you'll have to look to find out what that's about!). Be sure to check out his kid while you're there, and please do not enter where it says not to!

Tony is a (sort of) neighbor. Well, he lives in Maine anyway. He has some great links and a really helpful html tutorial. Believe me, I know, I've spent a lot of time there lately! Tony has really helped me out. He is always willing to do what he can....that's a Maine neighbor for you!

Be sure to check out Sonic's's a MUST! ! Paul has put together a fun, entertaining, and informative page. It's a feast for the internet junkie! You'll understand what I mean, I'm sure.

Meet Nelson....a new friend that says he's a novice on webtv, but I tend to think he's been learning this stuff a whole lot longer than he'll admit. He's got a nice, well-designed page with great pics of his family, and it's a must-see for all pet lovers.

Doug is one super guy and he's got a page that reflects his personality. Meet him and his family. Check out some cool links, and listen to a neat selection of sounds while you walk through his page.

Tom Chatterton's UP ALL NIGHT has got it all! This is a really fun site that you won't ever want to leave. I can relate to Tom, because I too, am UP ALL NIGHT. If you're anything like Tom and me, you can keep yourself busy for hours here. But, if you're not amoungst the nocturnal, don't fret, this site is even open days!

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