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Ode to a Forward

Every morning when I awake,
My very first chore of the day,
Is to check my e-mail,
And this without fail,
Before I get my day underway.

While I wait to connect,
I smile to think of my friends,
That never fail to please,
For there on my list,
Are those that I've missed,
Those that I chat with and tease.

I look at the screen,
To see that I received,
Ten messages while I slept,
It pleases me to know,
That they've thought of me so,
And in their dreams I've been kept.>

As I open the first message,
To appear on my list,
I think fond thoughts of my friend,
And how when I've had a bad day,
She never hesitates to say,
That she has a few smiles to lend.

Her message, now open,
And up on my screen,
And I scroll to see what she wrote,
Probably some lines,
To tell me she's fine,
And to send me a hug with the note.

Instead I am looking,
At a long list of names,
It seems that this isn't for me,
Instead it's for ALL,
Bill, Karen and Paul,
And 25 more that I see.

I read it and find,
At the bottom a link,
To a page some other lady penned,
Flowery poetry and prose,
Which this person composed,
And lent it to others to send.

The next message I see,
Is from someone I think....
Yes, it's a person I once said hello to,
He wants to tell me,
And another hundred and three,
"I could never get along without you!"

As my trash pile builds,
I go to the next,
Message that got put in my mail,
In it I find,
Little Johnnie's in a bind,
And I need to tell the world without fail.

The next message I open,
Is from a dear friend of old,
Someone I now seldom see,
Surely she'll say,
In her own little way,
"Come over, we'll have some tea."

Instead I discover,
That if I could send,
This message to all that I know,
A trip to disney,
Is waiting for me,
And the whole world could also go!

It went on from there,
My delete button got used,
More than I care to tell,
A bunch of junk,
I could fill up a trunk,
And still need more room as well.

And then there's the one,
That came to me today,
That promised a fate worse than death,
It was from little Louise,
That had a disease,
And was litterally on her last breath.

What the person that sent it,
Wasn't aware of,
Is Louise is now 40 years old,
She spends her days,
Amused at the ways,
People believe all their told.

So, when I read,
On a message received,
If I don't obey it - it's morbid,
I say, "What the hay?"
And delete it anyway,
For I hate to receive a damned forward!!

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